Discover Polyurethane

Impact resistant, able to withstand wear and tear, resilient, flexible and with a long life span, the benefits of polyurethane cannot be underestimated. Uniquely designed, our products combine the advantages of rigid plastics, metals, and ceramics with the flexibility of rubber.

Bonaprene Products offers a range of different polyurethane systems suitable for each and every environment.

Our dispensed polyester material offers a cost effective solution for most applications requiring good abrasion resistance, resilience and elasticity from 35 shore A up to 95 shore A in a range of standard and non-standard colours

We have a wide range of TDI polyether materials which are high performance systems and particularly useful in high load and high tension applications as they offer high resilience and rebound properties.

TDI polyesters can be supplied in a range of hardnesses which can be used in isostatic bags and high dynamic load applications.

Fire retardant and anti-static polyurethane system are also available with hardness ranging from 60 Shore A to 90 Shore A. These have been tested and certified for use in the mining industry. These Bonathane grades have been tested to the standards set out in the former British Coal Memorandum RD/NMMB (84) 1 method 2 and the former British Coal Specification 158/1989 by the Cerberus Mining Acceptance Service.

  • Versatile Hardness ranges for different applications

  • Systems available to give good impact resistance

  • Excellent Load bearing properties in compression and tension

  • Exceptional abrasion resilience, out-performing some plastics and metals

  • Resilient to oils, fuels and other chemicals

  • High tensile strength, and cut resistance