New Dispenser for Making Rigid Skin Polyurethane Foam Moulded Parts

Bonaprene’s latest installation is a Hennecke-OMS Impact Series 6 Low Pressure Foam Metering Dispenser. This Low Pressure Foam Dispenser expands Bonaprene’s rigid skin polyurethane foam moulded parts facility. Bonaprene process a 2-component rigid medium-density polyurethane foam for making integral skin foam moulded parts.  Bonaprene  use these dispensers to make a wide range of rigid integral skin polyurethane floats for use by the heavy industrial pump making industry. Bonaprene supply all the major original pump equipment manufacturers around the world.  As well as floats for pumps Bonaprene use the same process and material for making plastering trowel floats. These trowel floats provide the plastering industry with a product that is light, tough and rigid; all the requirements for wall and ceiling plastering in the building industry.

Hennecke-OMS Impact Series 6 Low Pressure Foam Metering Machine