Polyurethane roll coverings

Polyurethane Roller Coverings

Roll Coverings are critical to the success of the roller application. Bonaprene carry out the recovery of all types of polyurethane roll coverings and rubber roll coverings for roller applications. Roller recovery capacity is up to 1500mm roller covering diameter and 5000mm roller cover face and/or roller length.

Bonaprene Products recover polyurethane rollers & rubber rollers in a wide variety of polyurethane & rubber hardnesses and formulations, from applications from rolls for small business machines to rolls for large steel production lines.

As well as the recovery of polyurethane rollers and new roll builds, Bonaprene Products offer a comprehensive roller and roll stock refurbishment, which includes dismantling & re-assembly of roller & roll assemblies and complete manufacture of new rollers and rolls.

Our process entails the following:

  • A full mechanical inspection of the roller or roll is carried out
  • Any necessary roller or roll dismantling is carried out
  • Old polyurethane roll coverings or rubber coverings are stripped from the roller
  • Engineers carry out NDT (non destructive test), dimensional and visual checks on all aspects of the roller or roll
  • Roller results falling outside agreed parameters (e.g. minimum roller stock diameter) are recorded
  • Out of specification results are reported to the customer for a decision on how to progress with the roller
  • The rollers or rolls are cleaned of any grease, dirt and debris INSIDE and OUT

The majority of Bonaprene’s rollers or rolls are recovered using Bonaprene’s state of the art computer controlled polyurethane, PU, dispensing equipment. Bonaprene’s polyurethane dispensers have over 1000 litre capacity and guarantee a homogeneous air and contamination free polyurethane recover, giving uniform polyurethane properties not only throughout the roller or roll covering, but from roller to roller.
Bonaprene has a comprehensive small batch roller recovery facility allowing the process of a vast range of polyurethane and other rubber compound and curative combinations. The major benefit of Bonaprene’s equipment is Bonaprene can offer the recovery of a large range of polyurethane & rubber roller compounds and hardness through different systems. The customer has a wide choice and improved roller finish quality.